Thursday, August 30, 2007

Falling stars amidst dwindling reading speed

I've never read anything by Neil Gaiman before, but the movie of Stardust looked so nifty that it seemed like a good time to try. Such a sweet little fairy tale -- charming, interesting characters and a fascinating world for them to live in. I've yet to see the movie, but the book definitely makes me want to read more from Gaiman.

My posts are likely to be fewer and farther between for a while as I readjust to working. The start of the school year is taking its toll on my brain and my time.


Leslie said...

You should read Gaiman's The Sandman series. I'm writing my thesis on it.
Oh yeah, hi! I'm LesRoy from the book board. :)

Charlie said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by! I'll have to take a look at that series. I really like his stuff, but I'm not sure I can read a whole graphic novel -- just has never been my style.