Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The girl who kept reading

Both of Joshilyn Jackson's books that I've read have had the same effect on me: I thoroughly enjoy them while I'm reading them, but they don't stick with me at all once I'm done. (As proof, I always have trouble remembering the first of her books I read, even when I have the titles in front of me. It was Gods in Alabama.) The Girl Who Stopped Swimming is a fast-paced, engrossing novel, and I think it does have more depth than some plot-oriented books. There's a mystery element to it that really digs at the idea of who we all are on the inside, and the unraveling of that mystery was unexpected and thought-provoking. While I didn't particularly like the characters, I found them generally believable and entirely human -- flawed, interesting, occasionally really strange. My only real complaints are Thalia's name (too obvious -- the parents just happened to choose that name for the daughter who happened to be drawn to the theater?) and the bit of jacket copy that refers to a "literal" family skeleton. Let's look up words before tossing them around, shall we?


CoversGirl said...

I had to think for a moment to see the connection; but once I remembered who Thalia was I could see your point: Too much of a coincidence.

You have to wonder how some of these bloopers get through; a literal skeleton even beats one I saw recently describing a character "pouring" over manuscripts. (Very messy!)

bethany said...

I seem to forget many of the books I read, only some stick with me for a long time. Even then if I go back and re-read them they are not like I remembered them to be! I know most people have a better memory!

Anyway, I am in the eponymous challenge too...that is how I found your review! I am excited about this challenge, it seems like it will be fun.

Charlie said...

I'm still giggling at "pouring" over. Too funny.

Hi Bethany -- glad to be challenging with you!