Thursday, July 17, 2008

Racing pace

I had to rush to finish this one, as it was due yesterday with no option to renew. We leave for vacation today, and I didn't really want 10+ days worth of fines. But I managed it without too much trouble -- I Capture the Castle is a relatively quick read. Cassandra, the likable and realistic narrator of Dodie Smith's novel, tells of her quirky family's troubles and successes in the 1930s English countryside. The descriptions of their home and its surroundings are gorgeous, and the plot moves swiftly but unhurriedly. I had seen the recent movie first, and though I didn't remember it clearly, I think it stayed fairly close to the book. (And as always, the book is most definitely better.) An excellent pre-vacation summer read.

(I confess this picture isn't actually the cover image from the version I read, but it's so much prettier. Movie tie-in covers aren't any fun.)


Peanut said...

Hello -
I've visited your blog and really enjoy your short but informative reviews. I also hate getting books with the movie tie-in covers. Sort of takes the fun out of reading the book.

I also have a book blog, feel free to stop by:


PS Enjoy your vacation!

Charlie said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'll check out your blog, too. :)