Saturday, September 13, 2008

Disappearing acts

My second venture on the Stephenie Meyer bandwagon: I finished New Moon last night. This one left me more perplexed as to why so many adult women are obsessed with these books. For teenagers, I get it completely, but for me, the teen angst is just a bit too much to take. I spent most of the book being annoyed with Bella's logic (lack thereof?), and quite a large chunk of plot toward the end seemed incredibly forced. I didn't dislike it, but I'm not becoming a devotee by any means. (Of course, I'll have to read the next two...) And the Edward love? He's just not my type. Assuming I got over the vampire problem, he's way too protective with a few too many moments of irrational behavior. I'll take old-school Angel and Buffy any day over whiny Bella and crazy Edward.

Maggie O'Farrell's The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox was an enjoyable read, but not terribly memorable. The ending stayed with me but the characters have pretty much already escaped my (admittedly over-extended) mind. The story was intriguing and kept me reading, and I have no real complaints about the writing. It was pretty good. How's that for an underwhelming review?


Brooke said...

Agreed. Aside from Esme & Kitty, the other characters were almost not even needed. Maybe Iris, but she was so underdeveloped as a character. It was an interesting storyline, I just wish the characters were more developed.

jannypie said...

it was easy for me to get obsessed about the Twilight books because they are such quick reads, and all my girlfriends are talking about them. so i went through them quickly and thought about them a lot. i thought it was a fun read. i didn't get the depth of Edward's character until i read Midnight Sun online, and then he seemed much more fleshed out and "lovable". overall i think the series could have been 2 whole books shorter and been just as enjoyable, but i did enjoy them

Charlie said...

I've heard that I'll like Edward better once I read Midnight Sun -- it's on my list!