Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bookworms carnival

I participated in my first Bookworms Carnival, hosted by the very witty Renay. The theme was The Geography of Make-Believe: a fantastic voyage through the magical, mythical and magical, and the results are fabulous. She even created a map -- ever so appropriate for the genre! What an amazing host and such creativity in the presentation. I'm quite thrilled to be included.

The next Bookworms Carnival has the theme of Women in Literature, and it's hosted by The Armenian Odar. Entries are due by March 14th and should be sent to armenianodar at

For the record, I'm actually a she. Of course, that's a logical confusion when one steals and posts with the identity of one's dog. The real Charlie is indeed a he -- and a very cute one, even in the mist:

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Leslie said...

I knew you were a she!